What is Safety and how to improve it?

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Stay safe stay alive our safety slogan

What is Safety?

Safety means the state of being “safe”. It is the situation to protect someone from physical, psychological and occupational hazards and accidents. Other types are controlling the non-desirable consequences of accidents, failure, error, damage, harm, or any other event in the workplace. It helps in the protection of employee’s health and economical losses of organizations. It is one of the most desirable and most important factors in real life and at the workplace.

What is the hazard?

A hazard is a situation with the potential injuries, illnesses, fatalities and damage effects on something or someone.

Some kind of hazards at home and workplace:

 What is safety meaning in real life?

  1. It means, you have a complete knowledge and understanding of your work. You know that violation of safety rules can cause accidents and you take every step according to the TSTI /AHA rules.
  2. Another meaning of Safety is good judgment. Don’t rely on luck. And always keep yourself ready for unexpected situations in your real life as well as at the workplace.
  3. If you are thinking about your family, company employees, and your own welfare. It means that you have safety culture.
  4. It means, that If you are following the safety rules regulation of an organization at the workplace.
  5. It is simply to protect your self and others against hazards and unexpected accidents.

 What are safety examples in our life?

  • When you are driving your car on the road, And you are using mirrors and lights and follow the road speed and caution signs, then you are following driving safety rules and culture. On the other hand, other drivers who don’t care about road speed limits and never use lights when changing lanes etc. They need culture improvement because they may cause accidents and crash to other drivers.
  • When you hide the knife from your kids to protect them against getting hurt, Then you are following safety at home.
  • When you work on your roof and use a safety harness. Then you are protecting your self against fall hazard.

How to ensure and improve safety at the workplace?

In our previous articles, we discussed that hazards are everywhere. However, we must follow the rules regulations to minimize the risks of accidents. Another topic that needs enough discussion is how to ensure safety at the workplace. We will discuss it in six easy steps.

  • Creating a safe culture at the workplace

To minimize workplace illnesses, injuries and accidents, And to make the workplace safer, A safety culture should be developed.

Once you have a clear picture of your culture in form of a clear program and rules, Then the organization is safer for work. All workers should have this culture and comply to the PPE program all the time without the need of supervision.

  • Employees training

To prevent workplace injuries and ensure safety comprehensive training must be arranged for all employees in the organization specially for the new employees.

  • Implementing Safety protocols

To avoid accidents protocols must be followed. some of the main protocols are keeping the workplace clean. Use of labels and signs in hazards and risky places.

  • Using of Right tools and Inspections

Another step to ensure safety at the workplace is using the right tools for operating a device. It is also necessary to keep the equipment clean and maintained. Regular inspection should be done.

  • Partner with occupational clinicians

The role of the clinicians’ partner is very important. They visit workplaces and identify high-risk areas that may cause personal injury. Therefore, partnering with an occupational clinician is necessary.

  • Rewarding employees on safe behavior

If an organization rewards employees on following the rules, it will create goodwill and more people will be attracted to follow the precautions. This will increase the safe environment in the workplace.

What is safety slogan?

Hereunder some best slogans that you can use for your organization to encourage workers to work safe:

  • Stay safe stay a live.
  • Stay alert stay safe.
  • Know safety no pain.
  • No safety know pain.
  • No safety know pain.
  • A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.
  • Safe drive stay a live .
  • Avoid the strain, use your brain.
  • Think twice Save a life.
  • Take 5 and Stay Alive
  • Safety rules are your best tools
  • Stay Alert or Get Hurt.

We at safetyfrenzy.com use stay safe stay alive.

Stay safe stay alive our safety slogan
Stay safe stay alive our safety slogan