Warehouse Safety Rules and Check List

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Before discussing warehouse safety let’s define a warehouse. A warehouse is any building used for storing goods.

A large number of workers work in the warehouse. Therefore, there must be no compromise on the safety of warehouse.

If we define warehouse safety, it is the implementation of all safety precautions, rules regulation of OSHA in order to ensure the safety of workers.

Warehouse Safety Rules and Tips

Warehouse is a place for work, and has many activities, each task has many hidden hazards. The following tips will help you to be safe in warehouse.

I will mention the hazards associated with warehouse working and then will write the check list most important items at the end.

Fire Safety

Fire is one of the main and all-time high-level hazards in any organization. While warehouses are more prone to fires due to a large number of goods.

Therefore, it is one of the main points of the warehouse safety checklist. It is mandatory to keep all the areas clean.

Smoking and No Smoking zone must be identified. If there are any hazardous, inflammable materials, Make sure to keep it in safe custody.

Besides this fire detection and fire prevention system must be installed. Install smoke detectors, fire alarms, and heat sensors to get an early warning of fire in the warehouse.

While also ensure the availability of fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems to deal with fire during an emergency.

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 Forklift Safety

A forklift is one of the most extensively used items in the warehouse. All type of goods handling and transportation is done by forklift.

While most of the hazards in the warehouse are related to the forklift.Therefore, proper safety is required to ensure warehouse safety.

According to statistics every year hundreds of employees die or are seriously injured in forklift accidents. We can avoid these accidents by performing a safety inspection and taking care of ground workers while working on a forklift.

 A complete guide is available for proper inspectionو You can check it in the attached safety checklist guide with a forklift. This includes how to drive, handle and manage goods using forklift. It also includes the minimum and maximum weight limit etc.

 Forklift Operator Safety

Warehouse Forklift safety

The next important tip in warehouse safety is to ensure the safety of forklift operators.

For this purpose, proper training of the driver is necessary. Also check for the previous experience, Training record, and any other point related to the safety of the operator.

Also, check whether personal protective equipment is provided to the operator or not. The next is to inspect and make sure, Whether the protective equipment is being worn by the operator or not.

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Racking and Storage

Another important point of the warehouse safety checklist is racking and storage. Workers in the warehouse are exposed to different types of health hazards.

The hazards may include falling of object, i.e. object falling injury, mental and bodily stress, and strain.

To overcome the issue, it is important the warehouse safety program complies with the OSHA instructions. So review your racking and storage regularly in order to eliminate related risks.

Walking and Working Surfaces

The slips, trips, and fall hazards are directly related to walking and working surfaces.The walking and Working Surfaces checklist is one of the important checklists to ensure warehouse safety. It is the responsibility of the floor manager or safety inspector to continuously monitor the surfaces to avoid any hazards. Clean wet and oily surfaces immediately. Another thing worth mentioning is to keep the working area clean. Because clean and obstacle-free area limits the chances of trips and falls.

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Loading Dock Safety

This type of safety checklist forces workers to take care of themselves but also other people working around them while handling materials. Proper monitoring and surveillance require to avoid any inconvenience.


One of the common hazards in the warehouse is electrocution. The warehouse safety checklist for electricity ensures safety against electrocution.

Because electric shock can cause an explosion. And which can result in injuries and death in some cases. Regularly check for uncovered wires to avoid any inconvenience.

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 Hazard Communication

Different types of hazards exist in the warehouse. While safety against hazards is mandatory.

We can avoid a hazard in the workplace by putting proper signs and labels. These signs and labels help the worker to communicate risks and hazards with their other colleagues.

And as a result, they become preventive. Proper training and training material will be required for workers to know more about warehouse safety. And to make the workplace safer.

Also warehouse hazards can change according to the activity and the material that the workers are handling.

Why is Warehouse Safety Important?

Warehouses contain many tasks at the same place. Workers and machines are working side by side. The hazards at these places are limitless.

As mentioned above there are many potential hazard and high opportunity of accidents and injuries. 

Conclusion of Warehouse Safety Checklist

Your warehouse check list should include all the warehouse activities and hazards. The below are the most important points that your check list should include.

  • Check all lighting fixture are well distributed in all locations.
  • The lighting intensity should be enough for the work , You may need to get consultant from a lighting engineer.
  • Check that the place has the right type, enough number and well distributed  fire extinguishers.
  • All workers are well trained to use the fire extinguishers safely.
  • All workers in the warehouse should be know about the emergency plan and its execution.
  • Check that workers store and handle hazard goods , like chemical material, as recommended in the data sheet.
  • Check electrical hazards at the place and make sure to remove any of them.
  • Floors must be always dry, clean and spills free.
  • Checking Fire alarm and fire fighting system periodically and all notes should be recorded and filed.
  • Make sure that there is no interfere between forklifts working and workers tasks.
  • Only authorized well trained workers are allowed to use the forklift.
  • Ensure that there are enough emergency exit doors and they are clearly labeled.
  • Check emergency lighting installation and working.
  • Inspect storage racks for any damage and cracks.
  • Check the loading of storage racks is not exceeding the rack design.
  • Ensure warehouse ventilation is enough.