SAFETY FRENZY is the site that I provide you with my long experience (more than 11 years).

Who am I? I’m an electrical engineer, working for a leading OIL & GAS company. In this company, Safety is your life, because we have serious hazards in the work environment.

Safety is essential in this type of workplaces, where toxic gases, oil, explosion atmospheres are around us every where.

Besides these hazards, we face other regular hazards like electrical power, mechanical power, working at heights, slips trip and fall hazards and almost all kinds of hazards are there.

You know what! We are in the desert, we have poisonous snakes and scorpions. All these hazards makes SAFETY every one’s responsibility.

I work with SAFETY FIRST rule in mind, I’m one of the most effective near miss reporters. I always see hazards that others can’t see.

In my home I live with my wife and 3 kids, I set safety rules for the home. I make sure all my kids are following and learning these rules from me. You also should do the same thing.