What is safety harness? And its use

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Window cleaner must wear harness

A lot of people are asking the question, What is safety harness? Well in this article we will guide you about the safety harness and all other related things.

What is safety Harness?

It is a protective system that prevents someone who uses it from falling from a height.

Falling from height is one of the main causes of hazards at the workplace. Therefore, the organizations especially focus on safety of the workers who work on height. A safety harness is used for this purpose.

When someone uses a belt or harness, it reduces the ratio of falling from height or accidents. It allows the wearer to attach themselves with a stationary object. And in the case of an accident or falling, he/ she will not hit the ground.

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Why is a safety harness important?

High quality safety harness is the number one personal protective equipment you must use when working at heights. Because it provides protection against fall from height and also allows the workers to use their hands freely during work.

It is never advisable for any workers at any organization,  private work or even when working on your home roof to be without fall restraint equipment when working in potentially dangerous height.

Principle of working

A simple fall resistance PPE in its most generic form, is setup by generating a good  combination between a non stationary object and stationary one. In case of falling hazard the stationary object prevents the worker from falling into ground. Harnesses are usually fabricated from wires, ropes, locking hardware, webbing and body wear.

Safety harness
Safety harness

What is a shock absorbing lanyard?

During fall your body is in a need to something to reduce the force on it. The fall kinetic energy should be decreased. Shock absorbing is the extension to serve that purpose and reduce The fall kinetic energy. Shock absorbing lanyard can be added to your fall resistance harness as an extension.

How do shock absorbing lanyards work?

Shock Absorbing Lanyards are designed to absorb kinetic energy during fall from height to reduce the impact of this energy on the body. It is made of webbing that stretch or rip and open to limit impact forces of free falling onto the victim’s body.

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Choosing a safety harness?

When choosing a safety harness make sure that it is adjustable and can be adjusted very easily  for a perfect fit. It is essential and important that the harness is equipped with adjusting means to make it fit your body so that it can serve the main purpose of its usage.

Attachment eyelets labels

The safety harnesses have attachment eyelets, these eyelets are used for connection to lanyard or ropes. These attachment eyelets are marked with the letter A. For example the two attachment eyelets which are located at the chest area are both marked A/2. Only use them together.

Its not allowed to use any eyelets  which is not accordingly marked as attachment to lanyards as they are not designed for this purpose. A good example of not marked eyelets are the adjusting eyelets that are on the sides of the harness.

Classification of Safety harness

We can classify the safety harness mechanism or fall protection mechanism into four different classes. A short description for each class is given below.

Class 1

In this type of fall protection mechanism body belts are designed in such a manner that it prevents fall of a person in a hazardous work position for the moment of three feet. it is necessary to keep the line rigid all the time.

Class 2

This type of Harness mechanism is used in a limited fall hazard. This means that no free fall from height is involved. The perfect use of this classification is to remove a person from a bin or tank.

Class 3

Class 3, the mechanism is applicable where there is a need for full-body harnesses. We use it for severe height to prevent.

Class 4

We use this type where suspension belts involve.  Sometimes independent work support suspends a worker, for example, boatswain’s chairs or high tension cables installations.

Uses Examples of Safety harness

No work is easy to complete. While hazards exist everywhere. A safety team in an organization tries to minimize the occurrence of accidents. For this purpose, they continuously perform the risk assessment.

And use employees’ safety procedures and tools to limit prevent accidents.  Some jobs required special tools or protective equipment. A harness is necessary for the people who work in the following fields.

  • Windows Cleaners
  • Construction workers
  • People involved in electrical installation, such as lineman, etc.
  • Professional drivers, Motorsports, Mount climber, and scaffolder
  • People who paint bridges or buildings
  • Theatrical fly-crew member and bungee jumping.
Window cleaner must wear harness
Window cleaner must wear harness