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Driving safety is costless

What is driving safety?

All the driving rules, tips and acts that are necessary when driving a vehicle to keep you safe on the road in all conditions are refereed to as driving safety. Whether you are a new or experienced driver you must be aware about safe driving and always drive safely.

Why is driving safety important?

Driving safety is one of the big concerns. According to Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after every five seconds, there is a motor vehicle accident on US roads. While every twelve minutes a fatal accident happens in the US. The increase in the accident rates has a direct impact on drivers, passengers, victims families and insurance companies.

You as a driver must drive safely, not only for your own safety and health but also for others. Because the driving accidents have impact on your self, your family, the passengers and their families. Also in some cases people on the road may suffer an accident due to unsafe driving.

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The secrets of driving Safety

If you are driving defensively, you are not only protecting yourself from the accident but other people also. Therefore, a defensive driver avoids crashes and helps lower risk and accidents behind the wheel. Some safety tips for safe driving are listed below.

Stay focus

An important and probably the first factor in driving is thinking. Once you go behind the wheel, the first thing is to think. For example, about the gear, brake, speed, road condition, traffic signs and signals, road marking. Similarly following direction, lane, front and back vehicles, using mirrors, etc.These all things and actions are related to attention.

  • So you have to stay focus and be ready for any decision to make. So the first secret of driving safety is to stay focused.
  • Never eat, drink, switch the radio channel or use your phone while driving.
  • Don’t distract your self with other passengers.

Drive “defensively”

Defensive driving is the best technique that means to drive trying to avoid the other road users faults, and to expect what is not expected from them. By driving defensively you always thinking that some one in his car will do something crazy and you must be ready for it all the time.

When I bought my first car, my father gave me two advises:

  • Always drive slow to reach your destination safe.
  • Expect all other drivers on the road are crazy and you are the only sane one. And you have to safe your self.

Stay alert

The second important thing is to stay alert every time. Driving is the act of making decisions quickly and on time. You share the road with others, and cannot control how other people are driving but you can control yourself by keeping yourself alert every time. It will help you to make a right decision. 

Follow Safety First protocol

Another important factor of driving safety is to follow the safety-first protocols. It means that when you are starting to drive. Always tie your belt. If you are riding on a bike wear your helmet. Lock your doors and when you drive always maintain a gap between you and the front vehicle. Pay attention to your drivers surrounding you. While checking the mirror regularly. Similarly, take care of pedestrians, and pets.

  Follow 3 to 4 seconds Rule

It states that maintain a gap between you and the front vehicle. So that you have enough time to break or stop when it is necessary. This rule is necessary for all weather conditions; however, we suggest taking extreme care in bad weather conditions i.e instead of 4 sec make them 6 sec.

 Lower speed

Low speed plays an important role to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure to drive safely. We highly suggest following the speed limit and drive in the range that you are able to control the vehicle.

In case of passing on a school road never drive fast even in weekend days. Make it an essential rule “never speed up in front of schools”

Divide the risks

In case you face multiple risks. The best way to manage them one at a time.  If you are dealing with multiple risks at a time. It will create a problem and face a dangerous situation within the next few seconds.

Make your own safe driving plan and follow below driving safety tips

To drive safely, you should make your own rules of safety and make a safety procedure for your driving. Always follow the below important driving safety tips and never make exceptions.

  • Never drive while you are tired. Always take enough rest and sleeping time before driving.
  • Adjust your trip time to stop for eating, rest breaks,  phone calls or messaging.
  • Always fix your seat belt, check mirrors and adjust your seat to be comfort before driving. And before long trips check oil level, breaks, tires, cooling water level and first aids box.
  • Use lights before changing lanes.
  • Don’t allow your kids to fight or climb around in the car while you are driving. Always make sure to buckle them in their seats.
  • Too much noise can easily distract. Don’t over loud the radio or let your kids make noise.

Why do we need to use seat belt while driving?

If a driver or a passenger don’t wear his seat belt the danger during a crash is up to death. The main job of the seat belt is to fix your body and absorb its kinetic energy to prevent the above scenario during the crash.

When you are in a moving car your body takes the speed of the car. Now if the car stopped suddenly because of a crash, your body will try to continue moving with the same speed just before the crash. As a result you will be thrown away from the car, and your head will hit the front glass hardly or even your body will go out of the car. This is why wearing seat belt is essential.

Is driving fast dangerous?

Driving very fast decreases the time that you have to avoid any abnormal condition. It is incredibly dangerous to drive fast. The faster you drive the less you control your car. Also you may cause other drivers on the road to confuse and may they get in to crash.

Fast driving decreases your ability to watch out road safety signs and increases the hazard of sudden accidents.

Pay attention to road safety signs
Pay attention to road safety signs