Safety at home, Tips to avoid hidden hazards

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Safety at Home
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What does safety at home mean?

Safety at home is worth time and attention. Everyday accidents occur at homes. And as result people either receive fatal or non-fatal injuries. Home safety is identifying hidden hazards and risks at home and controlling them by safety rules and procedures for all daily home jobs. This can be achieved by taking time to inspect home environment to discover all hidden hazards.


Risks at home

Hazards and risks at homes are not limited. But all of them can be controlled and reduced. All your family members should cooperate to reduce these hazards and keep them under control. The firs step of this controlling process is identifying the hazards. If you are working in industrial field that keeps workers safety as a priority, then it will be easy to you to identify risks around you.

I work as an electrical engineer in a big company, so safety is a part of my work. I use my work safety skills at my home to keep my self and may family as safe as I can. Let’s look around us to see the hidden risks at our homes.

Common risks at home and how to control them

Slip, Trips and Fall

One of the main cause of accidents at home is slips, trips, and fall. People like Male, females, young, adults and children can be the victim at any time in any place. Therefore the first step to ensure at-home safety is to minimize the risk of falling.

We can minimize these risks by making the surface more affordable for walking. So that the ratio of the fraction is higher between footwear and walking surface. To avoid slipping in bathroom install nonslip rubber mates in washrooms. Avoid loose carpeting, increase lightning and install protective handrails around the stairs.

For me in my home, my kid tried to enter the bathroom without wearing slippers in his feet, The floor was wet and of course he slipped and fell.

The fault in my kid story is that the floor is wet and he entered with no slippers. So I realized that I should teach my kids that no slippers getting you slipping.

Fire and Burns

Another important step to ensure safety and to minimize the risk of fire and burn at home. Because cooking fire is one of the main reasons for injuries and burns accidents. We can’t stop using fire so we should follow steps to safeguard from these hazards as below.

  • Keep children away from the stove, candles, electrical wiring, and flammable materials, etc. No exceptions, all children must be away of fire sources. Also keep them a way when you or the mother are coking.
  • Take care when carrying any hot cooking pot.
  • Never allow your children to carry or deal with hot cooking pot.
  • Install smoke detectors and fire alarms.
  • Ensure proper ventilation.

Electrical wiring and equipment are also a hidden fire source

Damaged cords and equipment may cause a short circuit or arcing fire. If any electrical appliance trips its circuit breaker regularly, this is a strong sign that this device needs maintenance or inspection to detect the fault in it to prevent short circuit and fire.

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Laptop can get fire

Laptop get heated with normal working, It is designed to dissipate heat through a cooling fan and ventilation openings. Now what will happen if you close these openings? The excessive heat and temperature rise can cause the laptop to get fire. To do so don’t put the laptop on a cloth, And put it on flat surfaces like tables.

Never close laptop Ventilation openings
Never close laptop Ventilation openings


Carbon Mono Oxide

Carbon mono oxide acts as a silent killer. The gas has no smell and color, so detection in normal conditions is impossible. We can ensure safety at home from carbon monoxide gas by installing electronic detectors. Also regularly check your heaters for carbon mono oxide poisoning. Keep the place in a good ventilation condition all the time.


A big threat to life is swimming pools without safety. Similarly, bathtubs, buckets, and toilets are another source of death for children under the age of 2 years. We can minimize these risks by installing gates to swimming pools, covering large buckets, and keeping the gates locked. Check the drain covers properly.

Never allow children alone in the swimming pool. And make sure the always wear life jacket while they are in the pool.


It is another risk to life at home. And people of all ages can affect from i.e. can ensure at home safety from poising from multiple methods like.

Perform pesticide spray in a controlled environment. Cover all eatable things. keep all eatable items and medicines away from the reach of children. Do not use old drink bottles.

Hand tools and electrical equipment safety at home

Hand tools at home are important for home maintenance. You should use the below  safety tips when using hand tools at home.

  • Use PPE to protect your eyes, ears and body. Whatever the required PPE is wear it.
  • Never allow kids play with or use hand tools or electrical equipment.
  • When you are working at home, keep you children away.
  • Use the proper tool for the job.
  • Use the tools the right way. Always read the instructions handbook of the tool before using it. And take care about special cautions.

Electrical safety at home (Avoiding electrocution)

We mentioned above that electricity can cause fire at homes and industrial workplaces. Another common electrical hazard is electrocution. Below are tips to follow to avoid this hazard.

  • Never miss with electricity. I’m an electrical engineer, However I never miss with electricity. I always work by safety first rule in mind. Also, When I make home electrical work for me or for a friend I proceed with great caution. I always keep my children away, and isolate all home electricity.
  • Wet electrical home appliances are not safe for use. Get them inspected by an an authorized electrician.
  • Don’t overload electricity outlet.
  • Never use damaged or old cords as a temporary wiring.
  • Don’t let children plug or unplug electrical appliances.

Other hidden risks

Some other things like sharp objects can cause accidents. Another type of hazard is abstracted airways that can be divided into choking, suffocation, and strangulation. Everyone must give attention to ensure safety at home from hazards like this.