Tornado safety tips and rules

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Tornado Safety tips

What is a tornado?

A tornado is a vertical shape funnels, that are spinning in the air. While the speed ranges up to 110 Miles per hour. The width is in the range of a few meters and travel for several kilometers before it disappears. It is a very dangerous thing and can wipe out everything that comes across its way. In this article, we will discuss different types of tornado safety tips.


tornado results
tornado results


How to protect yourself from a tornado?

We suggest checking weather updates regularly. The different signs of tornado are the greenish or dark sky, large hail, and loud roar. If you are seeing these signs, there is a chance of a tornado to occur. A good method to get alert is local TV channels, TV will provide a live cover to warn citizens.

While tornado is very dangerous and cause killing and destruction to many buildings, trees and lighting poles, , There are steps you can take to safe your self and those you love. take time to read tornado safety tips carefully.

 Tornado Safety Tips

Before a tornado you should be well prepared and know the safe place to go to while tornado exist. Talk to your family members about tornado and where they should go if a tornado warning is issued. Check your workplace and your children school and ask about the emergency plan.

The following tips are important, keep them in mind.

  • You can protect yourself from tornado or during a tornado by preparing an emergency plan. If you see the sign of tornado, mentioned above, we suggest not to wait till it occurs. But immediately execute the emergency plan. You can gather family members, kids, and pets in a safe place. This may be safe custody like a basement, rooms, etc.
  • If you are away from the shelter. Try to get into a shelter, maybe any underground basement, shelter, etc.
  • Arrange battery-operated communication devices like radio, TV, and other things. In order to receive the latest information.
  • Arrange an emergency, first aid kit. And do not open windows.
  • If you are at the workplace. Immediately move toward the lowest level.
  • Another Tornado safety Tip, If you are in a car or any moving vehicle during the tornado. Don’t drive during this condition. Because the high-speed winds can change the direction of your vehicle and you can face injury and accident. If you are on the flyover. Immediately change the locations and move toward the underpass or lower level.
  • Continuously watch out for debris and other material. That may not have struck you.
  • If you are in a mobile home. These are extremely risky places for tornado. Therefore, leave the mobile home and find a permanent shelter.
  • Stay away from windows, window panes,doors, and outside walls.
  • Get out from the area where there is a risk of flooding.
  • If you are outside during tornado and it is not possible to get in anywhere, As an absolute last resort, then Lie on the ground. Cover your head with your hands. Or lie near a strong body i.e. a building etc, Stay away from trees and free objects.
  • Be loud, keeping an air horn or whistle with you may save your life if you become buried, you can be heard by first quickly.

These were some of the tornado safety tips. Once the tornado is over. Do not touch electrical appliances. There might be a chance of electric shock. We suggest wearing sturdy shoes, cover your hands with gloves and wear long sleeves uniform. So that you cannot hurt by anything lying near you.