Is Safety Important For Workers or Employers?

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Importance of safety

Importance of safety related to every one. Safety is rules and instructions that every one in the organization should follow for his own safety, and also for other workers, employers and assets safety.

Imagine a big organization, like the one I’m working for, The hazards and risks are every where around workers and employers.

Suppose a welder has a task of welding and cutting a metallic rods. Now, this welder is responsible for performing the task safely.

If the welder refuse the safety precautions that are set by the organization, and refuse the PPE program. What do you think may happen? Will the hazard of this task just affect this welder?

Of course the welder, any other person near him and the organization assets will be exposed to a high risk of,

  • Fire, Which may spread in all the organization
  • Electrocution
  • Injuries
  • Eye injuries due to flying sparks
  • Hearing injuries due to noise

And other more hazards. For more information read our article, Personal protective equipment for Welding Activities.

The above example shows us that safety is important for:

  • Organization and employers
  • Workers and employees

Importance of safety for workers and employees

Your safety is your responsibility, Keep that in your mind when you are working. Accidents affect your life, and also your family life.

Injuries or illnesses can cause:

  • Job loss, If you are careless, you may loss your job because of assets or machinery destruction at work.
  • Money loss, In the organization that I work for, Any driver involve in a crash or a car accident bear the cost of repair of the car.
  • Life loss.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Family relationship stress.
  • low self-esteem
  • loss of independence
  • mental health problems

Importance of Safety for Employers

Safety is good for business. A safe workplace raise employee morale and increases the productivity and quality.

Spending money on a good safety program saves money of injuries and illnesses for the organization.

Injuries and illnesses costs to a business include:

  • production loss
  • quality loss
  • delay of Wages for work
  • needs to hire new workers
  • worker morale loss
  • loss of work time
  • high cost of repair and maintenance of damaged assets
  • Wasting money in the form of government penalties

From the above, We find the answer of the important question of why safety is important? its because the cost of preventing injuries, illnesses and accidents is less than the cost of repairs and other bad consequences of the injuries and accidents.

How is safety important in your everyday life?

I live my life with the rule, Stay Alert Stay Safe. While this rule leads to our safetyfrenzy slogan Stay Safe Stay Alive.

Safety as a life style keeps us and our loved kids and family members safe. Also safety protects us form many hazards that are limitless around us.

Safety culture in your daily life:

  • refreshes your positive energy
  • teaches your kids to stay safe
  • save the money that injuries, accidents and illnesses cost
  • raise your productivity at work
  • It improves the mood of all family members.

In my work as an electrical engineer for more than 11 years, I realized that safety rules keeps me in a good mode.

I keep my eyes on any possible hazard at workplace as I could, Then when I’m back to home, I also keep an eye on my family safety at home.

I set safety rules for my kids and wife to keep them safe. For more about these safety rules and hazards at home read my article Kids Safety At Home: 11 Hidden Hazards You Might not Know!.

In this article I show you some really hidden hazards that I learned at my home while an accident was about to happen, or while trying to keep one of my kids safe from a hidden hazard.