Importance of Safety in Our Working Life

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What Importance of Safety in Our Working Life? Safety plays most important role in our working life. People sometimes overlook safety which costs them a great loss.

Ignoring the safety precautions sometimes cost personal discomfort. Safety means following the precautions to form such condition which is safe from injury.

In our working life safety and health are the two most important things. If you are running an organization you will never want to hurt anyone. When a worker is hurt or get injury, you will be needed to call someone other to work. The new worker will not be so much trained.

You may be pay for the medical bills of injured people. We should always know the importance of safety in working daily life. According to the survey of an organization, approximately $200,000 is saved in three years by just keeping attention to the safety environment.

Importance of Safety For Workers

Importance of safety for workers is not only make the workers be safe but also the organization they are working for get more revenue and improvement.

For The Organization

  • No safety, means low working quality, and of course low revenues.
  • Low safety precautions in the organization can cause professional workers to search for another safer working opportunity.
  • The more the accidents the lower the production.

Workers are the main part of every organization. If they are not working in a safe environment the organization can’t be developed, because all the activities and tasks for which an organization is formed are accomplished by the workers

That’s why safety of workers is very important for an organization. If any worker is injured, it will affect the whole organization. Furthermore all the aspects of workers life are affected if the worker is injured.

For workers

  • Work injuries may cause a lot of pain and suffering.
  • Sometimes workers also lose their life when doing works on heights.
  • Due to injury or suffering they get out of job.
  • They have to face income and financial loss. Due to which their relationships are also disturbed and life of other persons also disturbed.
  • Loss of income also cause stress on relationships.
  • Sometimes workers are injured so that they cannot do any work again. Due to which they lose their jobs and can’t join another organization.

All these factors prove the importance of safety in our working life for us, the organization and also for our family members.

Keeping in view all these things every worker should always follow the safety tips and precautions. Otherwise such injuries may happen which will make them financial dependent on others. Due to these difficulties on life after injury many workers become mental health patient.

Importance of Safety For Employers

  • The injury or illness of the workers not only affects the life of a worker but they also affect the employers. Employers have to pay the injury costs. The absenteeism increases. Productivity and quality also decreases due to injury of a worker.
  • On the other hand the safe workplace where the worker is not injured provides a number of facilities. It reduces the medical costs of workers, reduce turnover and increase the productivity as the trained worker are not changed with new and untrained workers.
  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration by spending one dollar on the safety environment the employers save $4 as a result. Safety environment reduces the medical costs of worker illness or injury.
  • Safety also saves the employers from production losses.
  • If an old worker is injured the employer have to face a number of problems. New untrained workers come in place of the old workers due to which amount of production losses.
  • Injury to a worker also cause increase in the worker’s compensation insurance costs.

The replacement of the old worker with a new one also causes many problems such that:

  • Decline in the product quality
  • Sometimes damage to the equipment
  • Loss of work time
  • Cost and time require to train the new workers

All of these risks and losses can be decreased by keeping the safety in mind all the time.

Following are the tips to develop the safety environment:

  • Awareness of the causes of accidents

In most of the cases the accidents happen due to unsafe acts of the workers. Approximately in 90% cases the injury is due to the unsafe acts. This thing is also proved by statistics from safety authorities. Let’s look at the reasons of unsafe acts.

  • Ignorance: Keeping the importance of safety in our daily life as a light thing and unaware of the right working strategy. This is due to lack of the working experience.
  • Bad Habits: Workers develop bad habits which also cause a big problem or sometimes results in great company losses.
  • Lack of safety culture: Sometimes workers know what should not be done to keep the environment safe but they don’t care because of safety culture lack.
  • Taking shortcuts: Sometimes workers have to face a lot of work. They take shortcuts to complete the work without hard work which also cause great machinery or production losses and may also cause injury.
  • Temper: Impatience or anger sometimes causes serious accidents.

To develop a safety environment all the workers of the company should be clearly know about the losses and cause of losses. They should take care of safety all the time and do their work in the right way.

  • Importance of safety awareness

A safe working environment requires continuous knowledge to develop the awareness about the cause of the accidents. Accidents can be reduced by developing the safety attitudes.

We can change our habits by controlling our way of thinking. If everyone is aware of the importance of safety in our daily life, the chances of accidents can be reduced greatly.

  • Thinking in a Right Way

Such organizations face very small amount of accidents in which workers are careful and think before act. Right thought process helps to prevent unsafe acts. All the workers should search for information before making a decision.

After searching the information they should implement this information to their decision to find the hazards.

All the workers should keep their eyes and mind active while operating with the tools. A slight mistake can cause serious problems while using the machines.

They should always be aware of hazards. In any type of work safety should be their first priority because it can safe their life and also the life of other workers.