How to Safely Use a Saw (Chain , Circular and Table Saw)

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How to Safely Use a Saw? Chain, Circular and Table Saw.

I have a cousin who was a carpenter, He was a teenager, One day he was using the table saw, I’m sure that he used this table saw several times.

But on that day, while doing his job as usual without any safety culture. The saw cut his right hand four fingers. Unfortunately his hand now has only thumb.

He left working as a carpenter, and now is working as a painter.

I will discuss with you how to safely use a saw.

There are many types of saw which are used for different purposes. Sometimes they may cause serious problems. That’s why while using a saw it is necessary to take some precautions into mind. Let’s discuss about this precautions for different types of saws in detail.

Common Safety Tips for Using a Saw

Using a saw safely needs precautions, This looks like an easy job, may be, but it is also high risk task. Some precautions are necessary before using a saw. I will list some common tips for all types of saw, then I will discuss in details each saw type precautions.

  • Always wear PPE like googles, gloves and other PPE.
  • Never touch saw blade with hands.
  • Always power off the saw if not in use.
  • Don’t hold the saw with one hand while working.
  • Check the object to be cut and make sure it has no obstacles that the saw can’t cut.
  • Always use sharp blades.
  • Inspect the saw before every use.

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How to Safely Use a Chain Saw

This is a fast tool and famous due to its forceful working system, but extreme power also demands for extreme care and precautions.

If you like gardening like me, you may has a chain saw because it helps very well in pruning the trees. It is also know as a most dangerous tool without license.

Here are some essential tips for chain saw users.

  • You should always keep the chain sharp and tensioned. It greatly reduces the chances of injuries.
  • Just cut the things below your shoulder height. It also minimizes the chances of injuries.
  • Wear all the personal protective equipment before using the chain saw. Never wear loose clothing while using the saw. Loose clothes can get caught in the chain.
  • Keep both of your feet firmly planted on the place you are standing and also find a comfortable stance to start work. Don’t hold the chain saw directly in front of you in case of kickback. Just take it to a little angle from yourself to avoid any injury.
  • Always think before cutting anything with chain saw. Never use the saw while standing on a ladder, and never cut the trees which can fall on you. Always cut the things so that they fall away from you and from any body else.
  • Be aware if the power line locations. Never fell a tree in the public state where people, vehicles or buildings etc are not away from the tree with a distance of two and half times length of the tree you are going to cut.

How to Safely Use a Circular Saw

How to safely use a circular saw

A circular saw is also powerful equipment which is used to cut the large amount of things. It can also cause us serious injuries if it is not operated the right way. That’s why safety precautions are necessary in order to do work with this equipment safely.

Let’s discuss the main things to keep in mind while using this equipment.

  • Wear all the safety PPE before work. Your safety should be your first priority.
  • If you are using a circular saw which is designed for work with the right hand, Then people working with left hand should take more care to operate it safely.
  • Before starting work with circular saw be sure that it’s blade is sharp. Sharp blades work better and safer.
  • Check proper rotation of the blade before cutting. Make sure that the rotation go to its maximum speed before you start cutting.
  • Make sure that the depth of the blade is suitable before starting the saw.
  • Always power off the supply before adjusting or changing the blade.
  • Keep the upper cords clear and keep the motor safe and clear from the outer rubbish and free from accumulation.

Things You Should Avoided While Using a Circular Saw

  • Don’t place your hand under the guard of the saw, and don’t hold lower guard in the open position
  • Don’t over tighten the nut use for locking the blades, and don’t leave it too loose, it can cause major problems.
  • Don’t force the material to be cut into the saw and never cut the material without checking for any abstraction or other object like nails or screws etc. The presence of abstractions can harm the blade and sometime also make the blade unable to cut again or break it.
  • Don’t keep your finger on the trigger switch if you want to carry the circular saw from one place to another,

How to Safely Use a table saw

Table saw is also a best type of saw which provides us wide range of special cuts. We can’t accomplish these special cuts by using other types of saw. As we know table saw is also a sharp cutting equipment therefore precautions are required while using the table saw.

You can follow the following tips in order to safely use the table saw.

  • You should always remember that if your fingers touch the table saw it will cause major injuries or cuts. That’s why you should keep your fingers away from the cutting blade, and always remember that touching can happen easily but cause serious problem.
  • Learn the proper working techniques of table saw before using. It would safe your time and fingers. Learn the techniques of keeping distance from the spinning meat monster blade which can cut your fingers before on second.
  • Always keep in mind that you can waste the piece of wood or any other thing you are cutting with table saw but you can’t lose your fingers. It is truly said that something is better than nothing.
  • All types of the table saw have a riving knife and a blade guard. The riving knife works for keeping the wood aligned with the blade after cutting. This will protect the wood from kickback. The main reason of kickback is that the wood is caught by the back part of the blade due to which it kickback towards the user face. The riving knife will protect the user from this injury. That’s why never try to work with that table saw whose riving knife is not present due to some reasons.

You may also observe at work places that many of the table saw users remove the blade guards. However, it is very important to replace this safety equipment back to its place after completing the work.