What Is Fire Protection Engineering?

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what is fire protection engineering


The field of science and engineering that protects people, property, and the environment from destruction and other hazards like fire and smoke is called fire protection engineering.

Typically, it includes engineering-related parameters like smoke and fire detection, Suppression, mitigation, and another safety system. That ensures the safety of employees at the workplace.

These are predefined rules with in-depth knowledge of the phenomena and effects of fire, And the behavior and reaction of people to fire. The process includes the identification of risks, safeguarding the workplace and environment from the effect of fire. The people working in this department are called fire protection engineers.


The fire protection engineer studies fire-related thing during their education and training. So that they become aware of the characteristics of fire and other combustible products.

During the studies, they study how fire originate, spread and can be detected and controlled.


The history of fire protection roots back to ancient Rome. when Emperor Nero ordered to rebuild the city by utilizing passive fire protection methods.The passive fire protection methods include non-combustible building materials and space separation.

During its early years, it was part of chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering. But back in the 20th century, it emerged as a separate discipline as fire engineering. And now a day’s hundreds of universities are offering different types of degrees and research in the field of fire protection.


A fire protection engineer is a person who graduates from a fire protection engineering institution. Before the concerned person starts working in an organization it is important that he has proper education, training, and experience. He must be able to know :

  • How to detect fire, manage and knows how to properly extinguish it.
  • He must be aware, how fire originates, spread, and control it properly.
  • What type of material, machine, safety operates and procedures can be applied for a different levels of fire?




A fire engineer design and install systems of fire detection, protection and suppression to protect organizations, persons and environment from fire hazards. After installation, regular inspection and maintenance for these systems is important task too.

The below points are important too for fire engineers.

  • Identifying potential risks and hazards of fire risk assessment.
  • Deploying a plan that can effectively protect the workplace from fire and minimize the risks of fire.
  • Evaluate the current protective measures and steps against fire.
  • Design, install and properly maintain fire protection devices like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other fire suppression equipment.
  • Guide, train, and educate workers and employees, howto respond quickly and ensure safety during a fire.
  • Use the rules and regulations of fire protection engineering to investigate, evaluate and give feedback about the pre & post-fire situations.


A cording to SFPE survey, a full time fire engineer median salary is about 110,000. This salary depends on many factors and one of the most common factors is years of experience. The table below shows the salary vs the years of experience.

fire protection engineer salary
fire protection engineer salary – source SFPE.org